LadyBake Cooking Class

What is LadyBake Cooking Class?
LadyBake is a private cooking course provider that gives students freedom in choosing their very own class schedule and what menus to learn on the chosen day.
Where is LadyBake Cooking Class?
The LadyBake Cooking Class Studio is located in Abdul Majid, Cipete, South Jakarta.
Can the course be done at the student's house?
Ofcourse! LadyBake Cooking Class provides ‘At Home Service’ where the team would come to the student’s house and bring all the cooking utensils (oven, mixers, portable stoves, etc.) and cooking ingredients to teach the student in the comfort of their home (Travel and Service charge will be included).
Is there any age limit in joining the class?
A child starting in the age of three are welcome to join the class.
Can men join the class?
Definitely! All genders are welcomed!
How much is the price?
Each menu have different prices.The price starts from 450K.Check out the menu list and contact us directly for the prices.
What are the price inclusive of?
The prices includes: Personal Ingredients, Cooking Tools (in studio use), Finished Products, Packaging, Recipe, First Drink, Stationery.
How do i join?
Contact us through Whatsapp ---> choose your menus ---> choose your preffered date ---> you will be given an E-bill with the total of your purchase informed ---> Pay upfront via Bank Transfer within 24hours after booking ---> You will be given the complete address after you fulfill your payment and send the receipt ---> Simply come on the chosen date.
Do i need to bring anything?
No. Unless informed.
Can I cook with my friends?
Yes, group cooking class with your friends is fun. Price will apply to EACH PERSON. Each person will receive their own cooking packages.
Can i bring my friend who does not pay to watch me cook? Just watch, not cook.

List of Menu

#MasakDirumahPutri is a Youtube series where Putri invites her socially impactful friends to her house and cooks with them.
#SehatBersamaPutri is a Youtube and Instagram series where Putri teams up with Seala Septiani (nutritionist) and Izrawan Bayu (Celebrity Personal Trainer) to help her lose weight and be healthier.The series will include healthy themed cooking shows, exercise videos, and also nutrition consultation followed with weekly progress update of Putri’s weight scale.

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