Having cooking skills can bring great benefits to one's long-term health. By understanding the basic skills and knowledge of cooking, one can have a better judgment towards the choices of food that they consume. That fact is the result of a master's degree research conducted by Putri Habibie, owner of LadyBake Cooking Class.

Upholding the importance of nutritional adequacy and food hygiene consumed by Indonesian society, Putri is driven in supporting home cooking activities. According to her, home cooking can ensure better nutrition and more hygienic food consumption. It was the foundation that prompted Putri Habibie to build a private cooking course in Jakarta that eventually became the starting point of Putri’s career in the culinary field.

The grand daughter of former Indonesian president, Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie started teaching cooking in 2014. Her passion for the culinary world led her to study various types of food menus ranging from typical Indonesian food to international courses and desserts.

Being a self-taught homecook gives Putri the ease in distributing her knowledge to her students which the majority are beginner cooks. Putri’s learning methods which are easy and practical becomes a special attraction for other 'homecooks' who just to started to learn cooking. Not only comes from Jakarta area, Putri’s student also comes from outside the island, such as from Pekanbaru, Pontianak, Medan, Samarinda, Makassar, Riau Islands, and others.

In her career as a cooking lecturer, Putri has taught over 500 students ranging from housewives, teenagers, children, to Indonesian celebrities. The names of celebrities who joined her class are Raisa, Ashanty, Tina Toon, Aurel Hermansyah, Nina Zatulini, Alice Norin, Natasha Rizky, Citra Kirana, Jevier Justin, Kevin Hendrawan, Rini Yulianti, Rachel Vennya, Tamara Tyasmara, and others .

Putri is now preparing the launch of her first book which is based from her master’s degree thesis in Binus Business School. Through her book, Putri shares the benefits of acquiring cooking skills for children. The book also contains fifty recipes for mothers to cook with her children and also interactive activity pages for children to engage.

Leading up to the launching of her book, Putri often speaks in talkshows focusing about 'Home Cooking' in various schools, universities and some shopping areas.

Putri has the belief that when someone learns to cook, the knowledge they get not only gives good to themselves but also to the people around him.

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